Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Question: What would Xmas be without a pine tree and snow?

Answer: Just another day in Florida

In Florida, where every day is pretty much like the day before, I lose my bearings. I become ungrounded when Sunday and Wednesday are interchangeable. Tennis and relaxation only go so far. I miss Colorado where it is 32 degrees and snowy today. So I make the best of it. I make sugar cookie snowmen because today is Tuesday and Grandma's sugar cookies is this week's Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. The dough spends a lot of time in the frig because the outside temperature is about 82 degrees. Only crazy people bake after 10 am. My cookies are patiently waiting to be decorated & hope that they don't end up looking like a chicken with buttons, like their buddy in the photo above. Not to worry fellas !

Notes: Some of the cookies are sugar cookies & some are linzer cookies - last week's recipe. They are more or less anatomically correct for tonight's ladies' only party. Did I mention that I used gel colors straight from the tube for the trim? See how our hostess has green teeth to match her outfit? Very chic.



kim said...

your snowmen are adorable :) i am jealous of your warm weather, i hate the cold!

vibi said...

Hey! An army of snowmen! Let's eat!!!
Probably one of the easiest and most fun army to battle, huh!?
Very nice!

HoneyB said...

Oh, I'd give you some of our snow in a heartbeat. We have been pretty cold up here too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment! :) Lovely snowmen!

Anonymous said...

hah! love it! your cookies look great :) and looks like you had a great time with the ladies!

i hear you on the snow thing...i spend every christmas in san francisco at my parents house, and it's so strange to wake up on christmas morning and go for a run in 60 degree weather. here in chicago, it's a lovely 13 degrees. eek!

SUGAR B said...

I am digging those snowmen cookies! Sweet, good looking, and they don't talk back . . . perfect snowmen! ;)

Sara said...

Love the little snowmen! And ditto HoneyB, you can have some of my snow too! I'm in Idaho and we're expecting a lot this weekend!

AmyRuth said...

Maybe snowmen in bikini's? he he They'll melt. Here its cold.... so bless your little men. They look great. Glad you managed to keep them in their place. Happy Holidays

Please send some "warm."

27Susans said...

Attention Cold Bakers:

I am sending warm wishes your way. It was fun to make snowmen in Florida. You may want to cook your eggs sunny side up !

Happy Holidays!