Saturday, March 7, 2009


I recently spent some time at my friend Steve's studio. He is a terrific photographer & kindly took pictures of some of my paintings. Despite all his talent and creativity, not to mention all the how-to books and equipment he has, he admits there is so much to still learn. Is this the 10 year learning curve that I have read about? It is so much simpler in law. Do something 17 times and it is considered a habit, admissible in court as evidence of a propensity to do something. So while my painting and writing qualifies me as having a propensity to paint and write, it still doesn't mean I know what the heck I am doing.

But if Steve can admit there's much to learn and still snap away, so can I continue my creative process. I came away from his studio & our conversation with a great visual image and more than a few words to go along with the picture in my head. So here you go, Steve. This one's for you.

Steve’s Chair

Steve’s chair doesn’t recline
And there is no pillow
To give you comfort
Still, it is a safe place
To reveal small secrets

Within the artist’s studio
There is a solace to be found
In a blue boat with billowy sails
That holds fast to the wind
To escape the rocky shore

In a room filled with books
Liberated nudes have no shame
They do not blush in black and white
Clear-eyed portraits reveal themselves
Smiling people have secrets too

Written March 5, 2009 by Susan Soklin for Steve Z