Sunday, May 10, 2009


Tennis season has arrived along with spring rain. My little creek rose and fell. There are snow covered peaks in the distance and flowers in the foothills. I am celebrating the good things that spring will bring: farmers' markets, my garden, biking, and an improved real estate market. I have a new listing in Lyons, a charming town that is the site of the annual Rocky Mountain Blue Grass Festival. I decided not to take a writing class at the University of Colorado, but I will join a writer's group. My new tennis partner (hi Donna) is great & we are on 2 teams together. Go pink, go green !! I haven't written lately so will post an old poem I wrote for my mother.

My Mother sits at my breakfast bar
I see her reflection in the shiny black granite
That covers my new kitchen cabinets
She is small but her back is straight
She eats her food one bite at a time
The granite mommy does the same

I watch her as she gracefully eats
The good food we have prepared
There are fresh vegetables and
Little bowties like my father once wore
My heart is full of love and yearning
I want to take care of her forever

Stay here, I plead to the mommies
Who shake their heads in unison
Affirming their independence
Much the same as I once did