Tuesday, September 2, 2008



Tuesday has always been the day I rise early for the weekly office meeting. No donuts (ever) & no treats. Just the facts ma'am. But effective today, I'm spending Tuesdays with Dorie. I'll bake a select recipe & post about the experience. At least 250 other people will do the same, forming a virtual baking circle. This cosmic event beats my office meeting in a number of categories, including taste.

A member of the group has chosen Chunky Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters. The other choice, Malted Milk Ball Whoppers, will surely promote hyperactivity in adults and children alike. I choose the chipsters for safety reasons. Dorie warns against using natural peanut butter, but doesn't say why. I decide to use the only peanut butter I have: Whole Foods natural chunky. My research on the net leads to many recipes & similar warnings. Some folks, vegans & others, post recipes using natural PB. Their recipes use less butter (fat) & less sugar.

I also research the issue of salty butter (which I have) vs. unsalted (requiring a trip to the store). I reduce the sugar & butter by 50% and use salted butter anyway. I use WW pastry flour. I also add chunks of Dove bar & 1/2 C coconut. These are thick chewy cookies. Rick eats 7 right away. I take the rest to a party & serve them with vanilla ice cream and a banana rum caramel sauce. The crowd goes wild.


The DeL Sisters said...

WW flour! And chocolate with coconut! YUM!

Cathy said...

Welcome to TWD!!! Your cookies look fabulous -- I'd have gone wild too, had I been in the crowd. And you got them to be thick and chewy -- that is great! Mine were thin, crispy and odd-tasting. Oh well. On to the Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops! Look forward to baking with you!

n.o.e said...

Good job on all the research. And I'm glad they turned out. It's great to know you can use natural pb for the recipe. Now we all get to do chocolate malted cookies for next week!

Prudy said...

Those cookies look wonderful, no wonder your famous. Welcome to TWD

Marthe said...

Welcome to TWD! Your cookies look great! Mine were also thick and chewy, I really liked them! (And so did my coworkers)

Barbara said...

Love the changes you made -- they all sound good to me. Glad they turned out well!