Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A word about Whole Foods

Whole Foods has taken over natural food grocer, Wild Oats, which started in Boulder. There are 3 WF stores in Boulder. (Does your town have even one?) If you've seen the movie, The Blob, you have an idea what it's like when WF takes over a town. Yesterday's lunch tab ran about $23.00 and included a slice of pizza and a small sampling of salad bar items. The pesto pizza looked better than it tasted & the salad wasn't anything special. I did get a small wedge of parmegian reggiano at $19.99 per pound (note to self: are you crazy?) Going to WF is like a hangover. Fun, but you'll pay for it. So why is it that we frequent the Boulder store?


She walks by in yoga pants, brushes by, I sneak a glance,
Awed by youth, in lust perhaps, half my age, a judgment lapse;

Forgetting my intended mission, organic milk for youthful vision
Fennel, greens and cauliflower, at Whole Foods the dinner hour;

Gouda cheese and creme fraiche, arrayed before me in the case
Full of flavor, hint of spice, soft and smooth and oh so nice;

Young things in a state of undress, cruise the aisles with braless breasts
Stone fruits are on sale today, the best and ripest on display;

Whole grain breads don't add to hips, unlike pretzels and all chips
White flour is for health food slackers, make mine hummus & rice crackers;

Fair trade coffee, fava beans, Rainforest Cunch & magazines
Vegan choices, wheat free snacks, low slung pants & tatooed backs;

Natural is best for me and Whole Foods is where you will see
Mahi mahi, kale and spinach, essential oils and nutrients;

Stress and work deplete the body, why not try some Pirate's Booty
All the best is now at hand, local farms, organic land;

Avoid disease by eating right, Cruisin' Whole Foods every night

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